What is Beetroot Market & Deli?

Beetroot Market & Deli is a modern NW Jewish deli and specialty food store located in NW Portland. We incorporate ingredients and dishes from across the Jewish diaspora, use local and organic produce, source highest quality ingredients, and offer an array of rotating specials.

We are a women-run business and work with local, women, POC and immigrant-run farms and businesses to provide our customers with healthy, sustainable and nourishing foods that reflect the diversity of the Jewish diaspora.

SONYA SANFORD, Executive Chef and Owner

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Sonya Sanford is the child of Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Sonya began her culinary education with the cooks in her family where she learned to pickle, preserve, garden and forage and to prepare the recipes that have been passed down for generations. Propelled by this appreciation for great food, Sonya worked in restaurants while attending college in Portland, Oregon. In her early twenties, she moved to Los Angeles where she worked as a personal chef and caterer to Hollywood executives and producers, and later as a food stylist, culinary producer, and food writer. As a chef, Sonya specializes in Jewish food from around the world and is particularly interested in exploring how Jewish dishes have evolved to incorporate the influences and ingredients of countries across the Jewish diaspora.

With Beetroot Market & Deli is Sonya is creating a place in Portland for modern Jewish foods that are healthy, comforting, delicious and sustainable.



Risa Lichtman, Chef de Cuisine

Risa Lichtman has been cooking in restaurants throughout Portland, San Francisco & New York for over a decade, including Pizzeria Delfina, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Sweedeedee, and Handsome Pizza.  Most recently she launched the brunch program at The Sapphire Hotel.  She started hosting pop-ups out of her home in 2011, treating diners to seasonal, multi-course, community-building dinners, which can still be found around Portland via Lepage Food and Drinks.  Her biggest efforts center on gathering community around food through pop-ups and fundraiser food events.  She is passionate about using ingredient-driven food as a means of building community, a positive food culture, and sustainable food practices by dining together with intention.